- 4 vídeos in VHS (the regular video format used in Slovenia when it became independent in 1991) of 2 hours and 3 minutes each (a full E120 VHS).
- Triglav videos is an spin-off of both Bratstvo / Jedinstvo and Ararat projects.


The objective of the Triglav videos is to show the four different perspectives (South, East, North, West) around Mount Triglav, creating series of video works and collecting images from Slovenian archives. The aim is to show the mountain as a reality, and as a symbolic element.

As other mountains in the world (Fuji, Ararat) Triglav has a symbolic value for the Slovenians, as it is shown on the national coat of arms. As the result of this use, it is possible to find iconography of the mountain all around Slovenia.

Because of the political references that this project could have, the aim was to create neutral portrayals showing Triglav as it is physically: a mountain that mainly consist of limestone (Upper Triassic and Liassic platform carbonates) that belongs to Julian Alps mountain range, geologically a part of the Southern Alps, which geologists consider as part of the Dinarides, while geographically they belong to the Southern limestone Alps.