The title of the project refers to the title of a sonnet by Percy Bysshe Shelley, published in 1818. Its central theme is the inevitable decline of all leaders and of the empires they build no matter how powerful they were in their time. As happened with Ozymandias (Ramses II), in recent history political changes have also occurred where several world powers that were considered indestructible ended up disappearing and only their remains stay.

The public presentation of the project lacks a predefined form, it is about proposals that dialogue between the abstract of concepts such as ruin and crisis, showing their consequences in a physical way.

Until now, the project had connections to monuments and the currency of the Soviet Union, both related to situations that affected millions of people and that, since its fall just 25 years ago, seem forgotten.

Therefore, the objective of #ozymandias is to understand the form and content of the origin that the obtained objects represent, showing the internal tensions of the different territories in which they are carried out, may they be geographical, political, economic or historical. It is a practice that implies a personal positioning as an artist, and that seeks to make visible a specific and characteristic situation that goes unnoticed: the permeable character of the border, the ruins of modernity, the surprisingness of contemporary archaeology or the remains that the structures of the Power have left in the landscape. In short: entropy.

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Soviet rubles in a swamp, Vladimir region (Russia)